The biggest thing I learned from the CG method is how to use/apply stylers. I was full-on CG for awhile, but it was very hit-or-miss for me. I finally realized that my hair simply can't take that much moisture. So then I started doing lots of PT's, which really improved my hair. Then it dawned on me that I wouldn't have to do so many PT's if I would just quit with most of the moisture. So, I went back to the shampoo I had been using before (Giovanni 50/50). I shampoo 2-3 times a week (which is exactly what I had been doing pre-CG), and I use minimal conditioner. No PT's except for the occasional Giovanni Vita-Pro Fusion, which is a leave-in protein spray. Now I have consistently good hair days. I still don't use cones because they never worked for me anyway, but I would if they did.

If your hair feels best when you shampoo, then use shampoo. Shampoo isn't evil. If it works for you, then use it! To minimize any dryness issues, just cleanse the scalp area, and then when you rinse, the shampoo will travel down the length. That way you're cleansing the length without scrubbing the length. I do that every time I shampoo. I do the same with conditioner, but that's because excess moisture kills my hair.
2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.