Anyone want to share their experiences? I just turned 39 and I have a hyst scheduled for next month. No cancer, no endo, no fibroids, just continuous very light bleeding for the past 4 months that did not respond to an ablation. I am planning on using the daVinci robot and keeping my ovaries (God willing).

I was absolutely fine w/ my decision but a lot of people are trying to talk me out of it now (since it's official and not just an idea). One boardie already shared her story w/ me and hers was a positive I'm not completely terrified.

PMs are fine, too. Thanks.
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How long ago did you have the ablation? I'm asking because I still had spotting for months after having mine. But then spotting was nothing compared to the horrendous bleeding the ablation remedied for me..
I think you just do what you need to do for your body, but if the docs cant really tell you what is causing your spotting, hysterectomy sounds like an extreme solution.Could it be hormones?