This is one of those subjects people like to lie about, kind of like weight (or for men, height!). I know some people who seem to have six different weekly shows they watch, not to mention they are always talking about other TV shows they caught during the week. Then they claim they only watch a couple hours of TV a week. Riiiight.

I put 2-4 hours. This is my current average, but presently I am not into any shows on TV and I don't have time to watch it.
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I have two "can't miss" shows - "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost"...but like I said, I easily get sucked into watching the stuff he watches, including all 80000000 versions of "CSI", the jiggle fest that is "Las Vegas", and "Navy CIS".

Admittedly I'm often reading or knitting while it's on, but still. I catch them often enough that I usually remember the characters names from week to week.

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