Btw, my mom has curly hair too, she will tell me stories of how her mom would try to straighten it by using a clothing iron and ironing board!
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This brought back such memories. I remember reading articles about that in my (Seventeen?) magazine. And that reminds me:

I read one article that said: "Brush your hair dry in the sunshine. You will love how shiny and soft it turns out." Well, I did, and we all know how that turned out, don't we? But, it was soft. Yep, another mistake.

Perhaps the very first mistake I made with my hair was when I was about 8. I saved up and bought a bottle of Vitalis, which I proceeded to dump on my hair to make it shiny. It probably actually looked Horrid, but I thought it looked shiny!

Oh, the memories this thread has brought back.
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