I went no-poo in July of 2011. I soon realized I had curly hair. I spent the next YEAR trying to find my groove. I found this site at some point but didn't really look at it until a couple of months ago. As soon as I really looked at it and determined my hair properties (namely protein needs and porosity) it has greatly improved. Seriously. Finally, *fifteen months later* I have consistent good hair days. Now I am moving in to perfecting it - narrowing down more ingredients my hair likes/doesn't like, learning about dew points, etc. there is hope but, you're right, if you are becoming bitter and frustrated with the process maybe it's time to just take a break and not worry about it for a while. Good luck.
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The thing is - I know my hair properties, I know about dew points & all that. My hair is the same from winter to summer, & there's nothing it seems to love & nothing it seems to hate besides maybe mag sulfate. Its not that I havent tried. I've been immersed in this site & info for a year. I know what my properties say I should need, and I've tried that plus everything else. I wouldnt be ranting if I thought there was some magic ingredient or protein or whatever out there that I hadnt tried. Althought I'm glad it's helping you!

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fine, thin, normal/(low?) porosity. Mod-CG. Usually I can't co-wash more than 1x a week, & sometimes I have to use T-Gel in rotation due to scalp issues.

Co-wash: VO5 Volumizing
Poo: Giovanni 50:50
RO:TN, Nexxus Youth Renewal, Alba Coconut
PT: gelatin PT, ION EC
Stylers: Giovanni mousse, TIGI Curls Rock amplifier (a-cone), Curls Rock Strong Hold Mousse
Gels: SCC spray gel