Hi Fellow Curly Friends!

I am a 32 year old Mommy to two and my daughter has GORGEOUS long curly hair. I have been strictly flat ironing my curls for the past two years, and recently decided to go au natural because I don't want to send the wrong message to my daughter.

So, I packed my CHI up and am doing the Curly Girl Method. I previously had really great curls, but never could get the products right, and my hair was always crunchy and I would get major product build-up. After reading CG I realize I had been doing everything wrong! So, I shampoo'd for the last time yesterday morning, and today cowashed and did the CG Method. So far my hair already looks so much better. I am using Suave Naturals Mositure CO wash, L'Oreal Deep Moisture for my heavier CO, and L'Oreal EverClear Styling Creme/Gel. My hair has quite a bit of flat iron damage. I did a quick trim of my ends to clean them up and am scheduled for a haircut next week (my schedule does not allow me to go any sooner.) Anyone have advice on flat iron damage? I never want to use the CHI ever again. My poor curls have lost their elasticity, bounce, and beauty. I now have wavy hair and am working back to the curls. Would love any advice.

I apologize in advance that I don't know any slang/abbreviations- very new to this place!