Ok I did the mix, with oil, 1 TBSP of sugar, and 2 TBSP of olive oil. It was more oily, not a dry paste, but a liquidy one. Anyways I applied, and massaged a little while, not too hard, but it felt very grainy, I used white sugar (it's all I had). Anyways, I did it on dry and I left it on 20 minutes. then I wetted my hair for a second, and then put the shampoo (lowpoo) on and started massaging that. OWWWW!! That was not good, I was giving it pressure at this point and the sugar was still there, and was rough. The last time I did a rub, it was more sugar than oil, so it was a paste and less grainy, and when I put the lowpoo on right away, I didn't feel that sensation.

Anyways.. . . I shed LOts of hair and my scalp looks cleaner ( I did it for product buildup) BUT , throughout the day, I had that sensation that I still had granules of sugar on my scalp, digging into my scalp. Not the greatest feeling, no burn, but just like irritated scalp. Now I"m scared to do this again. Can you all help please? do I just need to rinse longer before lowpoo or did I massage too hard?? I hope I didn't do any terrible damage or anything
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Well I'm a little confused, if the last time you did this you had more sugar than oil, it would stand to reason it would have been MORE grainy not less. Did you use a different kind of sugar last time? A different oil perhaps? Did you scrub for a different amount of time, or use more or less water? There are so many variables it's really hard to say what might have gone wrong this time, but it could just be something as simple as your scalp was more irritated and therefore more sensitive. One thing I found that helps so as not to overdo it is once I'm done with the scrubbing portion, to not just wet but soak my hair so that the sugar dissolves a little and rinses out on it's own. THEN do the low-poo. You probably didn't do any damage necessarily, I would suggest rinsing a little more (and with warm water, that will dissolve the sugar faster) before beginning your low poo. Hope that helps!
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