Me either, then i just did it the other day and just wow is all i can say. And personally i just add a little in my palm raw. But some people would say to heat it up and all of that because of the lightening properties is has with it containing peroxide. But it personally doesn't bother me. i use around a dime amount with my gel. It's nice, it enhances my curls and moisturizes.

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This is a common misconception (that honey contains hydrogen peroxide). However:

Hydrogen peroxide is formed in a slow-release manner by the enzyme glucose oxidase present in honey. It becomes active only when honey is diluted, requires oxygen to be available for the reaction (thus it may not work under wound dressings, in wound cavities or in the gut), is active only when the acidity of honey is neutralized by body fluids, can be destroyed by the protein-digesting enzymes present in wound fluids, and is destroyed when honey is exposed to heat and light.[76]

None of which happens on your hair. Except the heat and light part.
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