Mitt isn't from PA. So colloquialism doesn't really apply to that statement. It really wasn't a stretch. He's like a decade older than Obama which puts his early days right in a time where the phrase could have come off as racially inappropriate.

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I never said Mitt was from PA. I was using our local way (colloquialism) of saying girls as an example. He probably just refers to his kids as boys. It is a real stretch in my mind to come up with him calling Obama a boy. Your side is losing me on this one.
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I got your point.

Boy or son is used often by racist ppl to make Black men feel inferior. Is Obama one of Mitt's sons? Is he a child? Does Mitt believe Obama is inferior? Did he say anything like that to his counterparts during the Primary debates?

While it may seem like a stretch in your mind there are many ppl who caught Mitt's insinuation. No one is twisting his words. We are reading into his statements. Either way Mitt Romney flipped & flopped all over that stage.

You mentioned you are undecided, what do you want to hear the candidates say to convince you? I'm curious.

Every teardrop is a waterfall
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It's called context. It's not always directly correlated to the present moment. Our identities are especially contextual. We each carry a lot of unseeable baggage (not the best word I know) such as our history, heritage, ethnic background, age, gender, sexuality, etc. Who you are in a conversation matters and is always relevant. It's not a stretch by any means at all.

It's easier and more comfortable to not "go there".

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