First what conditioner are you using to detangle? Not all of them have good slip. Tresseme Naturals moisture formula gets good slip revenues from almost everyone. I love it. i also mix it with AVJ and use it as a li. I have kinky hair that is longer. After I cowash I usually use li and seal with oil then do twists. I use shea butter or gel or pomade on the ends to get more polished look and keep hair from unraveling. When my hair is dry, I smooth a little bitty bit of oil or hair milk over it and take it down wear it out. Called a twist out. The twisting reduces shrinkage and tangles. When I hair was shorter I did wash and gos but probably not good for really active little kid.
Uh, while hubby is complaing maybe he should try doing her hair. My ex was a single dad and he could do his daughters' hair so pretty.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.