Ninety five per cent of the time, I get along great with ex-h., but I swear, I could be missing an arm, ask him if he's seen it on the ground somewhere, and he'd answer, "Oh, you have an empty sleeve? Huh."

This pertains to the fat lip I got this afternoon from bashing myself on the ladder, en route to the roof again. I ask, "Hey, is my lip swollen?" He says, "Nope," I go inside, and bingo! Fat lip.

This is the same man who failed to notice when I turned completely yellow from jaundice due to Hep A.
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I know how you feel. I was doubled over in pain for a day and a half and he kept insisting it was all in My head. I was just being emotional. I ended up driving myself to the ER and had surgery bc my appendix was dangerously close to bursting. No tiny little incision scar here.

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