So I finally had some money to spend and bought some Deva products. I bought no poo shampoo, one conditioner, heaven in hair, ultra defining gel and flexible hold hairspray. I put the heaven in hair overnight and when I washed it out my hair felt like silk. I also instantly fell in love with the no poo and one condition. Now the gel I did not like the way it felt and I was for certain I was going to hate my hair today, to my surprise I loved how my hair came out. When it dried I put some of the deva hairspray for volume and volume I got. Very happy with my new purchases. Here are some pics of my hair usually and my hair today: Finally caved in and bought Deva products....-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349388017.969974.jpg <_____ from yesterday and Finally caved in and bought Deva products....-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349388051.391023.jpg from today