I got this (plus PM Sculpting Foam and PM Super Skinny Serum) at ULTA this week on B2G1 Free sale. Saw some reviews both here and on PM's site, and thought I'd give it a try (since I can't find the new Curls stuff ANYWHERE local!). I shampooed/conditioned with Tigi Styleshots Hi-Def Curls set (which I think I might love...I didn't use it on my Sunday wash this week and my hair was sticky gross), and then used the Sculpting Foam as a leave-in, and combined 3 pumps of the Round Trip and 1 pump of the SSS. I'm so far extremely happy with it (I know it's only the first day, but I form opinions fast, lol). There were only isolated crunchy spots, which scrunched out, my curls are defined and the only frizz I have is those darn short baby hairs (or, in my case, I think they're broken hair that's growing back...whatever they are, they're annoying). The scent is good...not overpowering, but very sweet smelling.