My daughter has this issue, super wavy hair underneath a layer of straight hair on top. She is only 5 though so I don't do anything to encourage the top to be wavy and just let it be.

Sometimes there's just nothing you can do though, like my daughter she's got the top straight layer that makes her hair look straight, but then you pick up that layer and there's all these waves underneath.
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My daughter is exactly the same lol, and she's 6. She has a lot of hair too, so I tend to think it's the same issue where the under layers stay wet longer and the top dries faster. I haven't really tried to do anything about it yet.
2a/b, high porosity, fine strands, average density, just about shoulder blade length

My hair loves moisture!

currently mod-cg , using low-poo and not totally cone-free yet. I'll get there though!