My husband goes to my running races and takes pictures, photography is totally his hobby.

He takes random pictures of strangers, the first place finishers (male and female), and people getting ready to race, running, etc.

He puts them on FB, tags our friends that might have raced, etc.

I don't see a problem with it, honestly. He's never asked to take someone's picture, there are photographers all over at those races. And honestly, iwth his big ol' camera, he looks like a professional.

He NEVER takes pics of people to make fun of them. "Oh, look at THAT runner! EW!" or whatever. His are more, "Here is the first female finisher, took her 20 minute to do 5k! Wow!" and stuff like that. He doesn't even use his iPhone to take pics (like People of Wal-Mart) to make fun of people, either.