Wait, what does "nobody likes Mondays" really mean? I just thought it meant nobody likes Mondays.
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I never knew until nc.com. i guess i'm too young to know this. every someone says this or something similar. i dont think anyone around here knows its a racial slur or at least just dont recognize it as one.
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This trend seems to be more current than we think & popular in the northern US. It was exposed by a comedian in 2008. It was used by young people for years based on comments I read below an article on the subject. Ppl know about it.

I find it funny that ppl can spew hate in a way that they hope doesn't get them physically assaulted. So you're scared of the ramifications of being racist but you still want to say racist things? Um stand up, get your butt kicked move on. I can deal with a racist who stays away from the ppl they don't like (really limits where you can go daily) more than one who hangs out with the ppl they hate & spew hate under veiled references.

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it's recent? didnt know that. I just asked a few co-workers and they had no clue either. Maybe we too old?

IMO this slur is confusing and I really don't know what to think about it. If I heard someone say it, I wouldnt assume they were racists. Everyone I know hate Mondays because its the first day of the week and you got 4 more left. Just this monday I looked at my co-worker with my droopy eyes and said, "I hate Monday's" to which she replied, "Everyone hates Mondays, find me someone who does like them." We were actually talking about Monday!