When you practice hair care that's right for curly hair, your hair will reveal its natural curl pattern (whether it's 2b or 4a).

Letting your naturally curly hair be its true self is fun! A couple of weeks ago, I went out in the rain (under an umbrella) with my hair down and loose, and I didn't have any fear about my hair "reverting" -- It was already "reverted"!! It's such a liberating feeling.
3b / Fine / Low (to Med) Density / Normal Porosity & Elasticity

Currently Using [*Holy Grails*]
Cleansers: DC No-Poo / DC Low-Poo / *BaSo & ACV*
Co-Washes/ROs: CJ Beauticurls Argan & OO / DC OneC / Organicals DC Creme
Additives: *Silk Amino Acids* / Honeyquat / Fragrance Oils
LIs (found some!): KCKT / CJ Beauticurls LI / CJ Curl Assurance Smoothing Daily Condish
DTs: *Coconut Oil* rinses / *Honey*, EVOO, & DC OneC / CJ Curl Rehab
Sealer: *DM Super Buttercreme*

Goal: APL Hair