Any long haired wavies care to pick up this thread and chime in a bit more? I'm pretty new here and still looking for advice/tips... but it seems like, looking at most the signatures, the majority of people here are curly not wavy (nothing wrong with that of course, I just am hoping to find more styling ideas/tips for long wavy hair) and even some of the "wavies" look awfully curly to me lol.
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There tends to be varying opinions of wavy vs curly. I thought I was a 2c when I first joined last year. But the main thing to remember is that hair properties (texture, porosity, density, elasticity) make much more of a difference in products and even techniques than curl pattern. My hair twin has 2b waves, but we have such identical results from products that if she likes something it's pretty much a guarantee that I'll like it too.

Also, there are a number of wavies who have stopped frequenting this site due to some issues earlier this year. There's a thread buried in this forum somewhere called "hey wavies, have you seen this?" with info for the FB group.

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