creeping up on 3 months of CG.

Jan, 1st week of CG, & now.

the more conditioner and products I use, the darker my hair seems to look.
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that actually gives me hope, I really want my RED hair back! and your waves look very similar to what my hair used to do when it was shorter... but I really want it long *sigh* and long it just gets... droopy. So torn about what to do.

Cinnamonagouti!, looks like someone is creeping up on 3a status. . .
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that's another thing, nothing personal Cinnamonagouti, your hair is GORGEOUS but it looks curly to me not wavy... and it seems like there are a lot of "wavies" on these boards that actually look curly to me, so I feel a little stranded here... yes I've read the "wavy imposter" thread, and even commented on it, but where are all the weak wavies?? Can we get some support here??? LOL

ETA: I don't mean to offend anyone, and I'm not trying to define what "wavy" means to one person or what "curly" means to someone else. Just trying to find people with hair similar to mine, whatever you call it!
2a/b, high porosity, fine strands, average density, just about shoulder blade length

My hair loves moisture!

currently mod-cg , using low-poo and not totally cone-free yet. I'll get there though!

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