This thread was started a couple of weeks ago, and, as I admitted, I did not recognize the people in the original picture (the hand-holding joggers).

The info. posted about Griffin's self-esteem (or lack thereof), intrigued me. (You've gotta admit, she looks pretty damn good in that bikini). While she's not Shakira or anything, she's cute, and kinda pretty. In some photos she does indeed look beautiful.

The other day, out of the blue, my mother mentioned something about Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt, and Kathy Griffin, saying Griffin is Vanderbilt's "fantasy daughter", (meaning she loves her so much she's like a daughter). I still don't know (or care) much about this relationship, but it sure impresses my mother. (Gloria's no Barbra, but my mother certainly finds her fascinating). I thought to myself that anyone who could bring so much joy to the long-suffering, yet interesting Gloria Vanderbilt, must be special...and unusual.

So I watched an online clip of Anderson Cooper surprising his mother with an appearance by Griffin. I was impressed with the obvious depth of friendship and trust this pseudo-family displayed. I agreed with my mother that Griffin must have a very sweet, vulnerable side, and when she loves a friend, she really loves.

Since then, I've been watching YouTube videos, and I found that I am quite a fan of Griffin's comedy. Sure, she can be harsh, but some of her skits have me laughing harder than I've laughed in years! She is utterly hilarious. From now on, whenever I need some stress relief I'm going to pull up YouTube and watch her. The more she cracks me up, the prettier she looks.
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