Looking FOR KCCC! I was dumb & swapped my tub away, thinking it wasn't working for me - but tried it today with a sample I still had, in combo with a couple new things - OMG I loved it. MUST.HAVE.MORE! Like YESTERDAY! & hubby has cut me off from buying full price lol. Will swap for the following, or sell these to get funds for it:

1. Devacurl B'Leave in, brand new - $10 2. Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel, 97% full of 12 oz bottle $12

3. Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle, 90% full 12 oz bottle, $10

3. Devacurl Set Up & Above, 95% full tub, $10

4. Devacurl Mirror Curls, 98% full, $10

5. CJ Aloe Fix, Brand new unopened 16 oz tub, $10
6. Curl Keeper, 97% full of 8 oz bottle, $10

*Prices do not include shipping, & will be calculated based on weight & your zip code so please send it in your pm*
Proud momma to 8!!!
Hair Type: Used to be 3a/b, now 2b/c Wavy/Whurly
Style: cirly pixie, growing out from a buzzcut. Aiming for at least a jaw length bob
Routine: Figuring that out since my hair has changed... so far:
Wash: CJ Daily Fix
LI: CJ Smoothing Lotion, CJ Curl Fix
Curl Enhancer: SS CEJ
Styler: KCCC, CK Coil Jam, SS FHG
Deep Conditioner: CK Curlycue Renew, CK Curl Fix
Color: I use henna to achieve a rich black cherry/deep burgundy