Yeah, that's what why I edited my post... I realized that it's probably just my perception of wavy vs curly (and at the same time was reading several other threads where comparison/contrast of the two phrases got a little um heated and didn't want to start any of that!) ... I really just wish I could figure out what is going to make my hair look shiny, full, and not stringy/overly-clumpy but still enhance the wave that IS there. I know a lot of people want more/better clumps but I'm not sure I like it because it tends to make my hair look thinner, and the clumps that are barely wavy or downright straight save for a bend or two just look icky. But brushing obviously pulls out the wave pattern. So I haven't figured it out yet.
2a/b, high porosity, fine strands, average density, just about shoulder blade length

My hair loves moisture!

currently mod-cg , using low-poo and not totally cone-free yet. I'll get there though!