So far I'm really digging the Denise-Malcolm alliance. Aside from the fact that they both seem like smart, savvy, competitive players, it's refreshing to see an alliance between a young guy (especially a hot one) and a smart, older woman on Survivor. All too often you have the young, "beautiful" people forming cliques and targeting the older folks. Or you have younger players in awe of an older, returning player (like Rob - although he was only "old" relative to his teammates). But it's less common to see an alliance like Malcolm-Denise that's just based on mutual respect. Plus, they get props for dealing with the rest of their tribe members, who are not only useless in challenges, but annoying as heck. I don't remember Russell leaving much of an impression the first time he played the game, but I find him so insufferable this time around. And while I couldn't stand Angie either, Russell addressing her as "little girl" was so condescending and sexist.

I didn't watch Skupin's original season, but I'm kind of rooting for him based on what I've seen this season. Although at the rate he's going, he might end up getting med-evac'd a second time. So far, I think he has a gash on his forehead, a deep cut on the bottom of his foot, a cut on his finger and, most recently, blood dripping from his face... and it's only been a week!

I don't feel like I know Penner's tribe at all, but I guess we'll get to know those players later in the season.