No but my wigs get mistaken for my hair. Some people don't know I did the big chop so they say things like "Your hair has gotten sooo long" and "How did you get your hair like that? It looks fabulous!" and "Now is that a permanent color, or can it wash out?"

I wish I could do a twist out now but its too short.
Last relaxer: 11/24/2011
Big chop: 03/13/2012
Type: 4a/b
Porosity: Low
Strand Thickness: Fine/Med
Density: Idk
Length: 5in TWA
Goal: WL
- Hot oil treatment with EVCO before every wash.
- Cowash 1x per week with GF triple nutrition conditioner
- Low poo 1x per mo. alternating from shea moisture african black soap shampoo & andalou naturals moisture rich
- Moisturize with water/aloe mix or KKNT and seal with EVOO as needed
- Sleep with satin bonnet
Wash & go