I have a Facebook friend who is a photographer. However, she also takes pictures of EVERYONE-- people on the subway, people in her gym. Today she's got a picture of someone on the train with very greasy hair and a comment about how greasy her hair is.

I have another Facebook friend who takes pictures of people on the train also, but hers are more artistic and are usually related to something interesting they're wearing or what they're reading, etc.

I have taken two pictures of people that I saw on trains, but both times it was only of their feet or legs and then I realized that I didn't want to do that anymore.

How do you feel about this?

ETA: This is apparently totally legal. I still find it an invasion.
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We have an acquaintance who "Facebooks" strangers--which is code for "takes sneaky cell phone pictures for the sole purpose of posting them and ridiculing the subjects." I have lost all respect for him. I think it's cowardly, pathetic, juvenile, passive-aggressive, and highlights his own low self-esteem, though, to the untrained eye, it masquerades as superiority. And many of his "followers" appear to have untrained eyes--they love it.

It will come as no surprise that I, too, consider it highly invasive to photograph people, for whatever reason, without their permission because the pictures can then be potentially put to a variety of unsavory uses.
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