I take random shots and post em on FB all the time, Generally it's to share the awesomeness around me. This may include shots of people on the street. Like when I went to Pat Benatar just a few months ago and there were these ladies my mom's age dressed like they were going to a Debbie Gibson concert circa 1988. They rocked.

Or the dudes I saw in Boston dressed up as the SNL skit D*** in a Box for no apparent reason in April. Or these amazing plaid pants some dude was wearing outside a show once.

I do not however post them and make snarky comments about them. I like to celebrate the odd and amazing things I see daily. Usually if they are of people though they get blurry cuz I hate to be obvious about it or my phone wasn't opening the camera quick enough.

I also willingly post pictures of me looking completely ridiculous. The other day was Fashion Disaster day at school. I rocked it and posted online for the world to see!