Curl pattern is transient, so not as important as hair properties when choosing ingredients/products. It's common to have a variety of types through out your head, too.

Look for people with similar properties and see what they use. My hair can be "finicky," too. It HATES castor and mineral oil. Doesn't like chemicals, especially polyquats. I can't use gels because of all the chemicals. I do use "jelly" products. My definition of a jelly product is gelatinous consistency without the chemicals.

You may want to try some of the "better" products if your hair is finicky. I really haven't found drugstore or salon products that work well for me. My hair seems to prefer the online, boutique type companies.

Based on your description, I'd add a lot of protein into your regime. My hair is fine, started out as winter wavy/summer 3a. Learning to use products/techniques on has it looking like my signature picture all year around.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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