I'm having issues with this challenge. I haven't straightened since August 16th. I'm going on 2 months. But there's a girl at work now with long straight hair, and it just makes me wanna straighten mine to see the length so bad. :/

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Originally Posted by DepressedCurls
LOL...you're so cute! Well if you're serious about the challenge then you can't give in. However, I told myself that if I get the urge to straighten it then I will since I hardly ever straighten my hair. I also know that straightening my hair doesn't take away any curl whatsoever once I wet it. I also feel like it makes me like my curls more because I start to miss them when it is straight. Just hang in there Ms. Pretty Curls.

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Originally Posted by kurlygurly
Ah thank you beautiful! That helped. I'm staying with this challenge. I'll just check length while stretching when it's wet. No flat iron needed. Ima stay stronggg, lol.

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