The bad news is I didn't get any responses to this question from the hair community. The good news is I was able to fetch an answer from a rep for the henna company called She claims to be a cosmetologist and a user of their plant-based products. ...

She says, if you want to use an all-natural formula to transform your grays to dark blond/light-brown and you have long, dark brown hair to begin with, mix ...

250 gm.s henna
100 gm.s indigo
50 gm.s of amla

(She said there's no reason to bother with cassia, which is semi-perm. and needs to be reapplied about every 2 weeks).

For monthly retouches:

50 gm.s henna
25 gm.s indigo
25 gm.s amla

She said place on freshly cleaned hair and don't add oil. Can be used on damp or dry hair.

She said to add ACV instead of lemon juice to the mix (less harsh). Forgot to ask how much to add.

Supposed to leave it on for 3-4 hr.s. If you leave it on overnight, deeper red tones develop, which I don't want. ... I forgot to ask how long to let the concoction stand prior to use.

Deep condition it afterward.

It was $63.40. Ouch. This is what my vanity has cost me.

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