So I did it! I transitioned for 126 days and I BC'd! I'm 19 my birthday was on Monday and I'm a freshman a University of Florida. Go Gators!

But yes my last relaxer was on June 1st, 2012. In August I got Sengelese Twists or Rope Twists whatever you call them. And around last week they started to produce a horrid odor so me being me I decided to take them out. My original plan was to wait until I went home for Thanksgiving to take out the twists and then do my BC. But after getting paint poured over my head last weekend I decided it was time for the Twists to go away and for my natural hair to come out.

I feel so free like it just feels surreal I had no intentions of BC'ing today but it happened and I am pretty happy. Nobody knows about this except for you guys. My roommate has no idea she's gonna be so shocked just like everyone else. I'm so happy right now
BC 10/5/12 after 4 months of transitioning!

Low Porosity, High Density, Coarse, 4a/4b

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