- pre pooing with tresemme naturals and honey before every wash as an occasional DC and overal detangler.
- cutting out liquid shampoo
- finger Detangling!!!!
- resurrecting my BeeMine luscious balanced cream. Might be a fall fave with CR almond jai.
- pure straight up Argan oil. The hype is real!! For my hair lol
-henna glosses are back!

- products with no slip that I need to give away like the GVP conditioning balm
4a hair: Fall/Winter HG's
Qhemet: Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, Cocoa Tree
Curl Junkie: DF, CIAB, Honey Butta, Curl Reham
Oyin: Honey Hemp, Sugar Berry
Anita Grant: Creamy Cafe Latte, Rhassoul DC, Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar, Monoi De Tahiti
Bee Mine: Curly Butter
Other: Millenia Mud, Hicks Oil
Homemade: Jamila Henna, Alba UnPetroleum Mix, Scalp Oil Blend, Aloe/Condish Spray, Condition Rinse (Aussie Moist & Mane and Tail)
: www.fotki.com/talisa3636