Your message box is full, so I can't reply to your last message. Here is the reply here, but I'll send you my address in a PM once I'm able to.

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Sure, trading KCCC for B'Leavin is fine!. How much would shipping be if thebought the UDG? Here is my address if you need to know that for figuring it out

I'm trying really hard to stick with one line of product so I don't become a product junkie!! I've had good luck with the Deva line so am trying to only buy their products. If you would consider it..I would trade all three of the products I mentioned for the two. Otherwise, I'll buy the UDG along with the trade. If the cost of the UDG is over 17 with shipping, then I'll just do the trade. I can get the UDG on Amazon for 17. I am an Amazon Prime member, so shipping would be free.

Thanks so much, Jodi
So far just experimenting with anything and everything!!!!