A professional photographer does this? That seems bad for business... so if she takes your picture and thinks you are fat or unfashionable or something, can you have confidence it won't end up being ridiculed on the internet?

I think taking someone's photograph is fair game in any public place or place into which the public is invited. Hence why I had no sympathy for the William and Kate complaints about the honeymoon photos on the beach, but did for the ones taken in the private yard. However, I think it's really rude and lacking in character to take the pictures of strangers and post them on line to mock them. My cousin in NYC does this all the time - she takes pictures on the subway and facebook talking about how fat they are or what a hot mess their clothes or hair are, etc. S" she's family - and I have probably called her out on it 100x with no effect, so now I just blocked her from my news feed. I especially hate it when people do it to their kids.

I do not like the people of walmart site (total classism) and did not like the pregnancy photos one for similar reason. There are plenty of thin, middle class or wealthy people who wear unflattering clothes or have bad expressions on their faces or look totally ridiculou with their spray tans, designer clothes they wear just for the label but don't suit at all, bleached hair etc. but we're so used to seeing that, it's not as easy prey as someone who is - gasp - fat and unable to afford new clothes so they are bursting out of their pants a bit. Hahahahaha.
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