Also, the conditioners that come with them almost always contain cones but you don't have to use them. Its quite possible that the hair dyes themselves contain cones as well. If you do want to use a semi/temporary color, I highly recommend the ion one at Sally's Also, for anyone that wants to try this but doesn't want to actually change their hair color, there is both a semi and Demi permanent clear glaze.
high porosity (from coloring)

Shampoo: Mop Top Gentle Shampoo
Co-wash: Chistophe Robin Lemon Cleansing Cream
RO: CJ strengthening, Kenra moisturizing
LI: Jessicurl Aloeba
DT: CJ rehab, Christophe Robin Prickly Pear Mask
PT: SS protein treatment, Ouidad 12 minute
Stylers: Jessicurl RR, SS Firm Hold Gel
Oils: caudalie, sweet almond