I don't know what needs cut and what needs kept, but I took Romney's statement as he would look at PBS (along with many things) and, if necessary, cut funds. To me it was just an example. There are a lot of things out there we all love and don't want to lose, but if the money isn't there, the money isn't there. I really don't think Big Bird is going anywhere, and to me it isn't the "big" issue everyone has made it out to be.

One theory the unemployment rate dropped so much is because in reality the unemployed are still there, they have just given up looking. Jack Welch told Anderson Cooper last night he questions the new unemployment numbers wondering how they could have dropped that much that fast. I'm not sure who to believe on this one.
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Do you really not pay attention to politics? Or do you only use one particular partisan source for your information? Because you seem very un-informed for someone who is supposedly informed.

The extreme right wing has been gunning to kill PBS for YEARS. They see the "liberal" public broadcast networks as indoctrinating our children with liberal ungodly ideas...like science. They also see NPR public radio news stations as "competition" to their hate radio business. Big Bird is a symbol to make it joke-y, but it is deadly serious. Romney threw out that line as red-meat for his base.

We will be a far poorer nation if we stop funding educational TV and radio and rely only on private programming.

Jack Welch is a criminal and a crook. He is pissed off at the Democrats ever since the Clinton administration made his company, General Electric, pay to clean up the chemicals they illegally dumped under his watch...and because he was investigated by the SEC for his many nefarious and illegal financial dealings.

Funny how the Republicans completely believe the unemployment numbers when they're high, but think the books have been cooked when they drop. Makes no sense. There would have to be a HUGE conspiracy to fudge those employment numbers, and to think that Obama pulled that off after 4 years of over-8% numbers, would be quite a feat.

You really need to change your channel away from Fox occasionally. Dare to step outside the bubble.