Thanks, Korkscrew! I've subscribed to that thread and look forward to reading up.
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Thanks P I left a post with some info about henna over there (in case you haven't had a chance to check out that thread yet).

What often works for me is to clarify with a serious clarifying shampoo, and then just be diligent about conditioning it. You can co-wash/condition daily or every other day, it shouldn't strip your hair. After a week or so you should begin to see your hair get back to normal. I'd use a conditioner that is high on moisture, and low on oils and proteins. Some are fine, just not too many. Leave it in for 5-10 minutes with each wash.
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The very first thing I did when noticing my problem was to clarify in order to remove any possible build-up. But it didn't seem to improve anything. I tried a hydrating conditioner afterward and my hair got worse. That's when I suspected my protein and/or pH balance was off. Although frankly, that only seemed like some of the problem because of the severe and sudden change in my hair's texture and appearance. The timing of it couldn't be ignored - it went all funky right after one of my routine semi-permanent color treatments.

So far I've done two protein treatments and one ACV and my hair looks far better. The curl pattern is much stronger. There are still places where hair is weak and limp, and doesn't dry correctly (still fuzzy).

That said, via some research yesterday, am pretty sure I figured out exactly what caused this problem, and will state it in the next post.

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