Curlypearl, it does feel like I'm converting to the dark side, lol. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and used a clarifying sulfate shampoo the other day, and it seems to have helped a bit.

IAgal, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this issue! I've been trying to tolerate it, but there's times when I'll touch my hair (especially the under-layers) and think "Ewwww!" I clarified my hair again today with a sulfate-free shampoo because I couldn't stand the greasiness anymore. At the moment, I just want my hair to behave.
Fine/medium texture
Medium density
Normal porosity
Products I Am Currently Using...
Co-wash: L'Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner
Rinse out: Whatever Vo5 I have on hand
Deep Conditioner: L'Oreal Evercreme Deep Nourishing Masque
Low-Poo: Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo
Stylers: Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha, LA Looks Cashmere Curls
Biotin Supplement: Puritan's Pride Hair, Skin, & Nails Formula

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