I used AVG (the only 'protein' my hair tolerates) today and an extra conditioning yesterday with very little improvement. I will keep in mind some of that may change, though. (It is only going to get colder and dryer from here lol) I will up the LI, too.

I've been no poo for over a year but only recently learned hair properties and it made a huge difference. My hair changed last fall/winter, too, but I just didn't know what to even look for, or to connect it to humidity/dew point yada yada.

I suspect my hair does not tolerate glycerin well. I also just recently began learning about dew points, humectants and anti-humectants. That seems like it could be part of the problem? Any advice from anyone regarding any of that? I know...so much of this is just personal and trial and error.

Helps to hear the issue is relatively normal, though!
remember, with all advice or suggestions for your hair, YMMV!!
My hair:
2b wavy, medium texture, low porosity, med-high density. Protein finicky.
My routine:
Cleansing: DCNP, every 4-5 days (occasionally use CJ cleansers).
RO: CJSC, occasionally use JCDC
Gel: KCCC, CJCIAB for 2nd day hair (sometimes third)

Heat is my friend: warm water rinses, steam caps, and diffuse dry. I love CLU cloths and my Denman.