Sorry to be a negative Nellie, but my experience was less than pleasant. I was 36 and diag. with endo at age 28. I couldn't hold out any longer because the pain was too severe. Sadly, I was unable to keep my ovaries and I am sure that because of that my troubles escalated. Surgical menopause is NO FUN. The docs filled me full of synthetic estrogen and I had a severe reaction to it. As a result, I have permanent tinnitus in both ears 24 hours a day 365 day a year. In addition to that, I spent 7 long years trying all kinds of different types of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). It was miserable for me because I adverse reactions to all. My poor family had to put up with my ups and downs until I finally took myself off all HRT completely.

Most women respond wonderfully to HRT. You probably will, too. I just was one of the unlucky percentage that couldn't tolerate it.

My life was turned upside down and if I had known then what I know now and could have prevented losing my ovaries, I certainly would have opted out of a total hysterectomy.

Best of luck to you and do keep us posted-- <3