Shortncurly, PM me for my stylist's info (named Melonnie). She's a certified stylist, and she usually works from her home salon in Fort Lauderdale. I've sent a few ladies to her from and so far I haven't had any complaints, and a few have become repeat customers. She really knows her stuff because she works in the film/modeling industry so she knows how to do hair of all textures from straight to kinky-curly. She also listens well, and her trims are really trims, not big chops in disguise.
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Hi, I know this is a VERY old message to be responding to, but I've been looking for this hairstylist Melonnie because I've read the forum, and I've heard nothing but great news about her. My 4C hair needs a desperate trim and I'm too afraid to attempt it myself. I was wondering if there's some kind of address you can give me or a phone number? I live in Lauderdale Lakes, so I'm sure she can't be too far. Much appreciation thanks