I'm so relieved it's not just me having problems! I believe I'm a 2c (does the word THICK ring a bell?!!! LOL!) Anyway I have no consistency to my hair, my style, what products work (and don't work!). One day I have curls, next day waves. Some days I can take a lot of product the next time I can't. It's extremely frustrating, and I can only say I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one with holy grails.

One thing I do find though is too much product seems to be my downfall. In spite of my thick hair, and in spite of others thriving on tons of product it seems to only be OK for first day hair and horrendous for second day hair. I think it just messes with my wave pattern. IMO it's just weighing my hair down way too much and once it's in there there is no going back.

I also can't figure out if my hair needs poo, no poo, gel, mousse, etc.! How frustrating! I've had mixed results doing all of the above. To add even more frustration is an itchy scalp if I don't poo SO it's very hard for me to commit to 100% no poo for the long haul to see if eventually it would work LOL, sorry this sounds like a major complaint.

I also hate to say it seems like a bit of a financial investment trying products. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a high end user by any means but even just going to the drug store (or online for herbal/all natural products) adds up (especially when they don't always work).

Does this mean I've given up? Nope! Honestly ladies, I have to say even on our BAD days our hair probably looks much better than we think! I have so many poker straight friends who are curl/wave envious, so maybe we need to quit being so hard on ourselves

I'm hoping others continue to update this thread on some good products and what they've found works for them (and hopefully works for the rest of us). Good luck to all!