I'm an Indian from Delhi and I wear my hair curly!!

I was born with frizzy, curly, poofy hair but as most Indians do, I had my head shaved when I was around one I think. Then, my hair grew out soft and silky and straight, I have no idea why...it was like that until 1st grade when it became wavy and very thick. Well, there were like three waves and a flip at the bottom and it was very dense. Then at 5 th grade, it became magically silky straight again. Then, I joined a swim team and the chlorine damaged my hair and it turned verrry wavy and poofy(not really curly tho, and I'm not sure if chlorine caused this). Only last year, eighth grade, did my hair turn curly. It was always in a ponytail because I did not know how to manage it. Then this year I learned about the cg method and scrunching my hair and gel, etc. Now my hair looks beautiful and my Indian family agrees!! I just hope it doesnt decide to randomly change texture again lol
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hey!!! iam in 10th and follow the cg method too ..... i presently use herbal essences hello hydration ( though it contains a few cones) as co wash and detangler and a styling gel .... can u tell me which products u use on ur hair ........ i hav 3a - 3b hair ...
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I use herbal essences hello hydration as well! Isn't it amazing?? however, it is conditioner so i wouldnt recommend using it as a gel. I dont even use it as a leave in because it is very thick. so my routine is...

Herbal essences shampoo
Herbal essences conditioner (ice queen method)
Squeeze excess water out of hair with a tshirt
Scrunch in my leave in (neutrogena triple moisture leave in is wonderful)
Scrunch in my mousse (suave professionals captivating curls is absolutely fantastic)
Seal with some almond oil
Let air dry and go!

Now, my products are not CG because that method did not work my hair as it does not work for everyone. However, I do follow cg methods such the icequeen method, scrunch n pump all my products, and occasional plopping.
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