For make up it usually goes between pinup/retro (cat eyes, red lips, serious lashes, matte face) to Bronzed Godess (bronzed everything, smudgey liner, glossy lips).

For clothes-I have no idea. Depends on everything from season to who I'm going to be seeing (or be seen BY) that day. I get "Hollywood rock chic" a lot because I love prints, leather, dramatic jewelry and anything leopard but I wouldn't know how to sum up my look coherently. If it helps, I would love to have Rihanna and Solange's closets.
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If and when I do dress up. I've always loved punk and dark clothing since high school.

I love cat eyes I suck at them but when I get em right, I love them.

I want to find a good red lipstick.

I don't dress up. Rarely. I wear sports bra, t shirt , work out clothes or sweats. Because idgaf and I have no where to go. I go to class and after class I usually work (have a uniform) and if I don't work I sleep (yay for sweats) and go to the gym. I refuse to waste money on bigger bras until I lose enough weight (which hopefully my breasts go down in size by that time so I can wear my old bras) so I only have one bra that's the correct size. Which is why I wear sports bras.

I know they say not to waste your time waiting but bras are expensive so I will have to.