Hi everyone! This is actually my first post even though I've been lurking on the boards and gleaning advice for over a year.

After a long search, I found a good curly stylist where I live, in Cincinnati. I found her through asking a couple of coworkers at different jobs who cuts their curls, and both led me to my current stylist. I've been to her once and she got it more right than any other stylist I've seen (you guys know what I mean).

HOWEVER, she cut my curls wet, which would be fine except that my left side curls tighter than the right. Now as it's growing out, the difference in length is pretty obvious. When I told her about my lopsided shrinkage, she said "I've never seen that before." Not a good sign. Nonetheless, I made an appointment at the end of the month for my 3-month mark.

So in about a month I'm going to NYC to visit a friend and I scheduled an appointment at Devachan. It's twice the price of what I pay here in Cincinnati, but it's the mecca for curly hair, right? I read reviews of the girl who would be cutting my hair in NYC and they were all great.

Here's the real question: do I take the expensive appointment at Devachan, knowing that I won't be able to see them consistently, but hoping they wow me with the results? Then I'd be returning to my current stylist in another 3 months' time...


Do I settle for my current stylist, knowing that it might not be what I want?

For your reference, price for a cut and a very much painless brow wax with tip here is about $80, and at Devachan just a cut with tip will be about $130.