For make up it usually goes between pinup/retro (cat eyes, red lips, serious lashes, matte face) to Bronzed Godess (bronzed everything, smudgey liner, glossy lips).

For clothes-I have no idea. Depends on everything from season to who I'm going to be seeing (or be seen BY) that day. I get "Hollywood rock chic" a lot because I love prints, leather, dramatic jewelry and anything leopard but I wouldn't know how to sum up my look coherently. If it helps, I would love to have Rihanna and Solange's closets.
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If and when I do dress up. I've always loved punk and dark clothing since high school.

I love cat eyes I suck at them but when I get em right, I love them.

I want to find a good red lipstick.

I don't dress up. Rarely. I wear sports bra, t shirt , work out clothes or sweats. Because idgaf and I have no where to go. I go to class and after class I usually work (have a uniform) and if I don't work I sleep (yay for sweats) and go to the gym. I refuse to waste money on bigger bras until I lose enough weight (which hopefully my breasts go down in size by that time so I can wear my old bras) so I only have one bra that's the correct size. Which is why I wear sports bras.

I know they say not to waste your time waiting but bras are expensive so I will have to.
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I HATE SPENDING TONS OF MONEY ON BRAS! I'm in a similar situation, my weights been going up and down and so is my cup size. And now I have to reinvest in a bra collection because I DARED to gain/lose 10lbs? -__- Not ok body. Not. Ok.

Check out NYX's reds. I have a matte red from them and it's one of the best I've ever tried. Super pigmented, not too drying (all matte lipsticks are dry to me. That's the nature of the beast), and if you can find them on the ground not to expensive either.

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