No. I have an affinity for cats and seem to understand their nature. My first cat could never be held or cuddled and was pretty grumpy overall. I do try to get them to come over or win their affection and sometimes it works and other times not. I don't take offense to it. In a way that's what I kind of like about cats. Things have to be on their terms.

I know I would've tried to pet a Siamese! They are one of my favorite breeds. My neighbor had a chocolate point that was a retired show cat with a big belly, a sweet and chatty nature. Her name was Lola.

Anyway to get back on topic, I found a mother cat with two kittens who were living under my front porch. She was extremely aggressive to where I thought she may be feral. Looking back she most likely was being protective of her kittens. I am a sucker for kitties and was determined to help. I began bribing her with deli turkey which was all the motivation she needed to come out of her shell. I discovered she was sweet as pie once she warmed up to me and would follow me around the yard like a dog . When my neighbor took her kittens I found a rescue place that helped me get her fixed and her shots done if I fostered her and got her a home. She ended up with a great lady who had recently lost her previous cat and had a huge property for her to roam around on. I would've kept her for myself if she got along with my other cat.
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