I love how no one seems to noticed how hopeless I feel. I've gotten to a point where the only emotion I manage to show is anger. It all started I few years ago I started living with my birth mom and was the happiest and most osocial person I've ever been in my life. After a year My aunt,who raised me, talked me into moving back in with her by threatening suicide. She always been alcoholic who rather buy beer than pay bills. she also refused to buy food all summer because she said I eat too much. She ended up losing our house and we ending up moving into apartments in a horrible area. These past two years have been absolutely miserable. When I tell her about how depressing this is for me. She tells me that I can be happy when I turn eighteen or she'll go out and buy me a game to shut me up for a few days. We're gotten into a lot of fights because she gets drunk and decides she needs to hit me because I'm ruining her life. I've never been the type to let someone beat on me. So our fights always end up her having black eyes. It's rare for me leave my room anymore. I don't want to go school anymore I just want to sleep all day.