Because you have definite root curl, I would guess that you will be somewhere in 3 or 4, but til you have enough length to see an actual curl, it will be difficult/impossible to type it. Give it a little more time, but get started caring for it properly, now. Next time you take a pic to try to get our impressions, leave it uncombed and curly, so it will be easier to tell. In the meantime, find out your hair properties (individual hair thickness, porosity, elasticity, and density of your hair). With this information, you can find out which ingredients/products will work best for you, and see what others with your properties are having good/bad results with. Many of us have that info in our signatures.

Two places with info on properties are right here at the top of the page under "Hair Types" and at Live Curly Live Free - Home which also offers a hair analysis service, in case you find it difficult to judge for yourself (I wimped out and used the analysis).
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Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.