Big time lurker here but I've been having some problems with my super dry hair retaining length and I have been tweaking my regimen over the past couple weeks and I've been seeing less breakage (huge disclaimer though, might not work for others, might stop working for me). So I trimmed about an inch to an inch and half and..

1. Upped my protein. My hair is fine and not that protein sensitive. Once a month protein conditioning is not enough for me. So I leave in a protein-rich conditioner after my deep condition weekly and seal it in with heavy moisturizer.

2. Added a weekly cowash (in addition to weekly shampoo and DC) about midweek with a cone free conditioner. Seems to be helping.

3. Stopped layering on products on a daily basis between washes and sufficed with a light spritz of water and a bit of coconut oil. I only add a little bit of cream moisturizer once or twice a week now as opposed to moisturizing nightly.

I use a lot of coconut oil nowadays, slather it on before a wash and use a little bit on day to day basis. So in summary, I drench my hair more often, use more protein and less product. I also don't really protective style (for aesthetics, most protective styles look bad on me) so finding a balance for my hair that also fits my lifestyle is important for me.
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Upping my protein really helped my hair as well. Whenever I start noticing my hair behaving badly, a protein treatment (I like Aubrey Organics protein conditioner) usually gets everything back in balance.

I agree with hippychic about keeping a hair journal. It was absolutely essential for me when I first went natural because I had a record of what worked and what didnt and using that information I was able to tweak and perfect my regime pretty quickly.

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