Has anyone ever tried the LOC method on their hair? (liquid--->oil ---> cream) Ive been hearing alot about it as opposed to the popular Liquid, cream, oil way that most of us have been "told" to use to seal in moisture. I'm in braids right now but b4 I went protective, the LCO never quite kept my hair moist all the time, or Id have to apply A TON of oils to do so...

So I'm all about trying something new.
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Funny...because I found this L.O.C. way works good for me, I also noticed how dry my hair would be after using the oil last. Sometimes it just depends on what I grab first, but I usually do L.O.C.
Hair type:
4A/4B(coarse, very thick, dry, and curly)
Big chop 3/27/12
Hair styling products: Shea Moisture(yellow line shampoo n restorative conditioner)

Density: High
porosity: Definitely LOW